We're not anything like your traditional Chiropractor

Our treatment approach is designed to do more than just get you through tomorrow.

Our unique skill set and 1-on-1 approach means that you get the treatment, attention, and results that you deserve.

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Our mission is to help you improve your overall well-being, enabling you to excel in the activities you enjoy most!

Phase 1


Pain relief is the first step to recovery, so we use hands-on techniques, innovative technology, and movement strategies to lower pain levels. Once we see improvement, we can start to make long-lasting changes.


  • Reduce Pain
  • Control Inflammation
  • Increase Mobility

Treatment Fundamentals:

Phase 2


When pain is under control, it's time to make lasting changes. Muscles, tendons, and ligaments can take weeks to change and truly adapt. By laying out a plan and challenging you, we can prioritize injury prevention strategies and impact long-term outcomes.


  • Restoration of Activities of Daily Living
  • Increase Mobility
  • Increase Strength/Stabilization 
  • Injury Resistance

Treatment Fundamentals

Phase 3


During this phase, we look to take all of the work you have previously done and integrate it into your performance-related goals. This ensures you have the tools and confidence to move forward without us.


  • Maintain Activities of Daily Living
  • Exceed physical goals 
  • Optimal Sport Performance
  • Maintain Injury Resistance

Treatment Fundamentals

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Empowering you to Enhance your health so you can Excel in the activities you love

As we go through everyday life, the wear and tear on our bodies can begin to add up. We can start to feel like we've lost a step, and many of the activities we used to be able to do without a second thought suddenly become uncomfortable and painful. It is extremely frustrating when you feel like you are unable to participate in a sport you love, play with your kids, or just go through a normal day without experiencing some form of pain.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be this way.


Everyone deserves to be able to live an active life without being held back by pain!

At E3 Chiropractic + Wellness, we have made it our mission to help guide our patients to be free of pain and get back to the activities they love!

At E3 Chiropractic, we understand your struggle of living with pain because our staff has experienced it first hand, and know how debilitating and helpless you can feel. That is why E3's treatments aren't meant to be short term "band-aids", but rather our goal is to find the root of your injury and provide outstanding treatment to eliminate your pain at the source.

Our process begins with one of our highly trained Doctors performing an extensive physical examination to find the true cause of your pain, followed by the development of a treatment plan that is designed specifically to fit your needs. Whether you need in clinic-treatment or an at-home exercise plan, our team will design a program that works for you.

The result? You take back control of your active life and your health!

Get Free From Pain And Back To The Life You Love

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