Every Golfer Should Get a Golf Movement Screen

A golf swing is a dynamic and powerful movement.

The TItleist Golf Screen is a tool used to identify the physical limitations of a golfer that may put you at an increased risk of injury and inhibit your ability to achieve the maximum potential of your golf swing. 


If your body does not have the ability to use the proper mechanics of a golf swing, your performance will suffer, and you may get injured! 

Dr. Briant is a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified practitioner. 

He believes that you should be able to enjoy your favourite sport with optimal performance and minimal risk of injury. He knows that golfers benefit from a healthy and efficient golf swing. 

No golfer wants to be plagued with an injury or poor performance. Get screened, and let Dr. Briant help you remain healthy this golf season!

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How It Works


Golf Screen

The Titleist Golf Screen assesses 16 different exercises to assess your current movement capabilities.

Analyse the Results

Once the screen is complete, the results are used to make a plan tailored to your specific needs.

Implement Plan

Get your exercises sent straight to your phone!

Don't Let Your Swing Limit Your Performance Or Cause You Pain

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