What is Optimal Performance Care?

The Training Room for Your Life

Most high-level athletes have consistent healthcare throughout the year to increase health and performance; why shouldn’t you? We bring affordable and effective care to the everyday person.

E3 designed Optimal Performance Care to ensure you can continue doing your favourite activities injury-free!  


  • Maintain Activities of Daily Living
  • Exceed physical goals 
  • Optimal Sport Performance
  • Maintain Injury Resistance

Treatment Fundamentals

  • Chiropractic Care
  • Physiotherapy
  • Active Release Techniques (Muscle Therapy)
  • Home Exercise Program

How does Optimal Performance Care Differ from Injury Care?

Injury Care deals with known, existing, identifiable injuries.

In contrast, Optimal Performance Care is designed to be the gym for your daily life! It is used to make activities of daily living easier (playing with kids, carrying groceries, going up and down stairs), increase the performance of an athlete (speed, endurance, strength), and prevent future injuries from happening!

When to Use Optimal Performance Care?

Optimal Performance Care is used after your clinician addresses all existing pain, dysfunction, or trauma. Based on your clinician's assessment, they will focus on the next most significant dysfunction that is affecting your life or performance. 

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