What is Dermal Traction Method (DTM)?

Nerves, like some roads, take a winding path through the body. They can travel around sharp corners of bones, such as the elbow, or they can pass through tight spaces, such as at the wrist. As these nerves travel along their path through the body and pass by bones, discs, muscles, blood vessels, and other tissue layers on their route, they can be trapped, irritated, or possibly even compressed by the tissues they pass.

Directly beneath our skin are a series of nerves called superficial cutaneous nerves. As we go through daily life, these nerves can become compressed and irritated, resulting in pain.

Dermal Traction Method involves using cupping techniques over common locations of superficial cutaneous nerves, to remove compression and decrease pain.


Common Injuries That May Benefit From DTM

Shoulder Pain
Low Back Pain
SI Joint Pain
Knee Pain 
Shin Splints 

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