Low back pain is extremely common. 80% of people will experience low back pain.

However, some low back pain is more concerning than others. Here I show you can determine if your low back pain is something to be concerned about or not.

When You Should NOT Be Concerned About Your Low Back Pain:

  • The pain is not constant
  • The pain never gets worse than a 1-2/10
  • The pain does not linger for very long
  • It is only present for 30-60 minutes
  • The pain is localized and is ONLY in the lower back
  • It started after performing a new activity
  • You are not experiencing any numbness or tingling in your legs.

If you are experiencing very mild low back pain after a new activity or low back pain that does not linger, you are likely experiencing muscle soreness or stiffness. This type of low back pain is very typical, and you shouldn't be concerned about this unless it continues to get worse!


When You SHOULD Be Concerned About Your Low Back Pain:

  • The pain is constant
  • It isn't easy to get out of bed in the morning
  • You notice that the pain is not only in your lower back, but you can experience pain in your glutes or your hamstring
  • The pain has been lingering for more than 3 days 
  • The intensity of pain is 4/10 or higher
  • It is difficult to get up after sitting for a prolonged time
  • You are experiencing numbness or tingling in your legs


If You are experiencing back pain that is to be concerned about, you should book an appointment soon! A medical professional can help manage your low back pain; a thorough physical exam will provide the necessary information to ensure that you get the correct treatment for your pain!


When to go to the hospital because of your low back pain:

  • If you have the urge to urinate but cannot form a stream of urine
  • If you have lost control of your bowels

If you notice sudden and severe changes to your bowel or bladder habits, you should immediately go to the emergency room!


If you have any further questions regarding your low back pain, the E3 Chiropractic + Wellness doctors are happy to help!