This is a common question and a common concern for many new runners or those who may want to start running.

Let me put your mind at ease… running is NOT bad for your knees!

We have a lot of research showing that running can help make your knees more robust and fight against the effects of arthritis. Research also shows us that the arthritis rate in active runners is below that of the general population!

Running is GOOD for your knees!

However, if you are new to running, you may experience knee pain if you do too much too soon. When we begin a new activity, we are excited and want to dive into the deep end. If we do not give our body adequate amounts of rest and ease our way into activity, this can overload the muscles and ligaments of our legs, resulting in pain.

If you are new to running, a walk-to-run program works best! A walk-to-run program slowly eases your way into running, and you will be running 5k without stopping before you know it!