Jaw pain can be a debilitating condition affecting a person's ability to eat, talk, and even sleep.

E3 Chiropractic + Wellness has special training in treating anyone in Saskatoon experiencing jaw pain!

Up to 25% of the population will suffer from temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD) symptoms.

“I’ve got TMJ”  It’s a pretty common statement which is a bit of a misnomer. 

Everyone has TMJ.  Why?  The TMJ is the tempo-mandibular joint (TMJ).  We all have it.  What people are probably trying to say is that they have TMJ disorder, aka pain and dysfunction of the jaw while opening or closing your mouth.

Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) is a term used to describe a group of problems that cause pain in the temporomandibular joint, also called the TMJ. These problems can arise from irritation of the muscles around the joint, the disc within the joint, or the bony portion of the joint itself. If you have TMD, you may notice jaw clicking, limited mouth opening, possible jaw locking, and pain around your jaw. 

Conservative treatment is shown to be extremely effective in reducing pain in those experiencing TMD! E3 Chiropractic in Saskatoon is here to help anyone who is experiencing jaw pain. 

Understand Jaw Pain

The Main Causes of TMD Are:

• Trauma
• Overuse from commonly chewing on one side of your mouth
• Keeping the mouth open for extended periods (like at the dentist)
• Improper bite
• Grinding

From a physical standpoint, the best way to prevent TMJ disorder is to wear proper mouthpieces while playing sports, wear mouth guards while sleeping, chew food evenly on both sides of your mouth, cut tough meats and other foods into small pieces and minimize gum chewing.


E3 has phenomenal Saskatoon Chiropractors that can help with your jaw pain.

Our Chiropractors have the knowledge and experience necessary to diagnose and treat TMD and other conditions that cause jaw pain. By using a combination of manual therapy, exercise, and other techniques, chiropractors can help alleviate pain and improve function in the jaw joint. 

The primary way chiropractic care can help with jaw pain is by addressing muscular imbalances in the jaw and neck. Muscular imbalances can contribute to TMD by changing the motion or gait of the jawChiropractors can use a variety of techniques, such as massage, stretching, and exercise, to help rebalance the muscles of the jaw and neck. This can help improve jaw function and reduce pain 

Dr. Gryba has great experience in working with TMD and has additional training to be the best Chiropractor in Saskatoon to treat your TMD and jaw pain.

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