Will a Chiropractor Help After an Auto Accident?

Car accidents can cause numerous kinds of injuries and subject the body to many stressors, not all physical. Finding fast, effective, and long-lasting pain relief is usually top of the list for victims involved in collisions; however, the mental and emotional stress can also take a toll.

Injury, financial implications, missed work, loss of property- all of these things combined can be difficult to navigate. And discomfort only escalates the situation.

When we’re in pain, it’s hard to focus and relax, which can lead to other dysfunctions in the body and mind. Chiropractors utilize their significant understanding of how the musculoskeletal system and spine work to restore the body’s function after an accident.

While this may not take care of each element of your auto accident, with chiropractic, you can find comfort and strength, contributing to less stress and more energy, allowing you to concentrate on other matters.


This article will explain the following:

●     The effects of a car accident

●     Common injuries related to collisions

●     How chiropractic can help after your car accident

●     And more


Auto Accident Aftermath

Vehicle accidents are traumatic, even the minor ones. They get the adrenalin flowing and the brain worrying immediately, usually even before any discomfort is felt. The initial goal is to move out of harm’s way as soon as possible. But what do you do next?

After an auto accident, even if you don’t feel any pain at the time (it could be concealed by all that adrenaline), you should absolutely get medical attention. If services don’t come to the accident, making an appointment with your local chiropractor is a responsible step.

It’s important to get a full body assessment so you know that your soft tissues, joints, and spine are working correctly. In many cases, slight imbalances that go unnoticed lead to worsening damage and pain. Getting attention straight away can help keep that from happening.

If you do experience any level of discomfort, the gentle, non-invasive nature of chiropractic means your body doesn’t have to endure more trauma and reduces the need for pain-masking medications that can cause their own series of issues.

You have a full plate after a car wreck; get your health under control first. Doing so will help you get through the rest.


Car Accident Injuries and Their Symptoms

Car accidents range in severity, so injuries do as well, and even the exact accident with the exact kinds of vehicles involved can affect victims differently. Understanding your unique needs after an accident is imperative to your healing process.


Common injuries and symptoms after an auto accident include:

●    Disc herniation  

●    Whiplash or neck injury

●     Sprains and strains

●    Sciatica

●     Inflammation

●    Headaches  

●    Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, arm pain

●     Loss of range of motion

●     Inability to sleep or insomnia

●     Mental and emotional stress


Damaged soft tissues, injured joints, and a compromised spine are common among car accident victims. Utilizing chiropractic treatments to find function and balance will help the body restore naturally, with little to no downtime, so you can get back to living your life productively.


Chiropractic Services After a Car Accident in Saskatoon

Our Saskatoon chiropractic clinic has worked with several patients involved in a collision. We understand the physical and mental injuries and demands that come up, providing solutions that aim to minimize discomfort as quickly and safely as possible.


Common chiropractic treatments to heal an auto accident injury include:

●     Chiropractic adjustments provide relief by restoring balance and alignment so the spine and affected tissues can support you and your proper movement patterns

●     Physiotherapy offers exercises and stretches that nurture safe healing as they provide strengthening practices to help the body function at its full potential

●     Dry needling supports soft tissue restoration, removes scar tissue and inflammation, and promotes circulation

●     Massage therapy rejuvenates the soft tissues and provides relaxation to the body and mind

●     And more


Our team is ready to provide an array of solutions that lend to the safest and quickest recovery possible. We also offer take-home guidance and exercises to work with our in-clinic solutions, so you have the tools to stay healthy.

Don’t let your auto accident take another second away from you. Contact us today; let’s get your body strong and active, alleviate some stress, and help you find balance and focus.


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