Running is fantastic for your health and longevity. However, it is the most injurious sport in the entire world!

You read that right; you are more likely to get injured running than playing football.

In the past, it was thought that strength training is not ideal for runners. Research has continued to show us that strength training for runners is essential to mitigating the risk of injury!

All runners should have 1-2 strength sessions per week if they want to run faster and further while remaining injury-free.

Core and trunk stability is critical to the strength training runners need to perform.

Having a strong core while running has one primary function: making you more efficient.

If you have a strong and stable core, you both CONSERVE more energy on each step, AND your legs generate more force by being anchored to a stiff trunk. This means you can run faster and further and even help prevent some injuries.


My Three Favorite Core Exercises for Runners

Dead Bug

The dead bug is a phenomenal basic exercise that every runner should be able to do. You have to move your legs up and down without unnecessary motion of your low back or twisting of your hips.

Side Plank

This modified version of a side plank is incredible for runners. It helps train the oblique muscles, and it also helps strengthen the hips. I use this frequently with runners as a hip strengthening exercise.

Pallof Press

The Pallof press is a great exercise focusing on resisting rotation throughout the trunk. Resisting rotation is something your body must do with every step while running!

Are You In Pain While Running?!

Don’t run through pain! Running through pain or injury can make that injury worse, and

If you are currently experiencing pain, call E3 today! We will help decrease your pain and then help you become stronger so that you can run further, faster, and pain-free!

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