Have you ever noticed when your morning starts in a frenzy—snoozing your alarm, skipping breakfast, and rushing yourself out the door—the rest of your day seems to reflect that mood of chaos as well?

The tone of your morning will determine the tone of your day, so it’s time to start planning accordingly. When you form healthy habitual behaviours for the morning, you set your day up for success.

Whether you are aware of them or not, you operate under habits (both good and bad) all the time—they are an integral part of your daily existence. Part of developing a healthy habit is to become intentional with it. Most habits are formed because they are easy or along the path of least resistance. If you want to cultivate positive habits, then you may need to put some intentional effort into forming them until they become second nature.

We need to start our days off right! The morning has the ability to set the tone for our day, and we can be in control of that tone.
This is particularly true with morning habits. What you cultivate in the morning influences how you feel, act, and think during the rest of your day.

Your morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day. Here are four simple habits that you can use to create a morning routine that will set you up for success.


1. Water

The first thing you should do in the morning is drink water. We just went roughly 8 hours without any source of fluids. Even though we are sleeping, we are losing water through sweat, and through our breath.

BEFORE you have a cup of coffee or tea, you should first and foremost consume at least one glass of water. If you want to get a little spicy with it, you can add some lemon juice and Himalayan Sea salt to add vitamin C and minerals/electrolytes to your water.


2. Light

Light is critical in the morning. Light is one of the biggest modulators of our circadian rhythm, which controls our sleep/wake cycle. Light needs to hit our eyeballs for our brain to comprehend that it is time to be up and active.
In the summer months, staring into the sun through the window is ideal, but any light will do during the winter. Just turn on the lights around your house. If you want to get even fancier, you can get vitamin D producing blue lights from Amazon for $30.

3. Movement

Movement wakes our body up, gets the body juices flowing, and is also a significant contributor to our circadian clock.
When we are active, we tell our brain that it is daytime and time to be awake and alive.
Doing 20 air squats and some arm swings will again tell our brain that it is time to pitter-patter.

If you need assistance in creating your movement routine, reach out to your favourite Saskatoon Chiropractor at E3 Chiropractic + Wellness. We will develop a custom movement plan for you to address your movement deficiencies!

4. Meditation.

Meditation does not have to be a long and drawn out. Five minutes of box breathing has been shown to decrease anxiety, improve mental well-being, and improve clarity. You can also download the Headspace app and let the morning meditation guide you to a great day!



Morning routines will set the stage for us to have an incredible day. However, sometimes our days can still be unrailed by annoying aches and pains that prevent us from enjoying the activities we love.

If you or your loved one is suffering from low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, or shoulder pain, E3 Chiropractic + Wellness will get you out of pain and back to enjoying the activities you love!

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